Symbols of Easter

To understand how our Easter Celebrations stem from and fit with the Biblical Story of Easter.

Brainstorm symbols of Easter.
Discuss their meaning and relation to the Easter Story.
Revisit the story of Easter. What actually happened?

Your task:
Research the Symbols of Easter and how they relate to the Bible story.
Create a one page information sheet to be pinned to the wall in the classroom.
  • Make a heading: "Symbols of Easter"
  • Find a symbol of Easter that you would like to explain.
  • Copy this and paste it into a pages document beneath the heading.
  • Find a passage of at least 50 words in the Bible about the Easter story which fits with the symbol you have chosen and copy this into your document.
  • Explain how the symbol can help us understand what happened to Jesus at Easter.

  • Bible: Any of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John). Matthew may be the easiest to read. His account of the Easter story can be found in Chapter 27 and 28 of his Gospel.
  • Internet: Use the internet to find symbols of Easter.

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