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Homework Help:

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Content Help:

  • ABC Education Gateway - ‘ABC online content indexed by subject’ areas suitable for students. From Agriculture to Technology. Links to related areas as well.
  • Ask Kids - Similar to Ask Jeeves but for young people. Ask a question and get answers including various media. Click on ‘Schoolhouse’ to go to subject based material.
  • Behind the News - Stories - For information on current affairs, you really cannot go past the Behind the News team. They bring background information on all the important headlines to Australian students.
  • Blackstump, The - Homework - A significant listing of links grouped under headings from Art to VCE.
  • Class Mate - Designed for secondary by Web Wombat.
  • Culture & Recreation Portal - ‘3 200+ sites and 1.6 million pages about Australia’s culture and recreation’.
  • Documenting a Democracy - Australia’s story via the documents which give governments the ability and right to govern.
  • Geoscience Australia, Welcome to - Information about Australia in geography and other data.
  • Guide to Australia - Produced by Charles Sturt University, it provides a vast range of information grouped in a sequence of directories and covering every aspect of Australian life from the past to the present.
  • Help for Student Assignments - A small collection of well annotated links from the federal government covering areas from parliament and Prime Ministers to Science and more.
  • Homework Helpers - A collection of links from the Country Area Program in NSW. Broken into Primary, Secondary and General Reference areas.
  • Kidcyber - Help in a range of topic areas. Also material for teachers and parents
  • Mathletics - personalised, responsive, intelligent, and challenging learning resource that inspires a delight in mathematics and an innate drive to better results
  • Spellodrome - a stimulating program that will help students to develop critical spelling awareness
  • Wikipedia - Covers a huge amount of information. However, take note if you see comments from the Wikipedia organisers indicating information needs clarification or referencing.

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