Self esteem:

  • Personal inventory
  • How much do you know about me? (Quiz).
  • Self Concept
  • Topic 3
  • Topic 4
  • Topic 5

  • Task
  • Rubric


Personal Inventory

Create a keynote with one page per point - this means that you will have about 30 pages - one photo per page.

School Subjects
  1. I like .
  2. I do not like .
  3. I am good at .
  4. I am not good at _.
  5. I am good at this subject, but I do not like it: .
  6. I am not good at this subject, but I like it: _.

  1. I like .
  2. I do not like .
  3. I am good at _.
  4. I am not good at _.
  5. I am good at this activity, but I do not like it: _.
  6. I am not good at this activity, but I like it: .
  7. I prefer being involved in individual activities _ or group activities _. (Check one.)

Relationships with Friends and Adults (Tick the statements that apply to you.)
  1. I am generally well liked: .
  2. I am generally not well liked: _.
  3. I have a group of friends: .
  4. I prefer having one or two friends: _.
  5. I am a leader: _.
  6. I am a follower: _.
  7. I prefer people who like the same things I like: _.
  8. I prefer people who like different things: _.
  9. I have the support of significant adults in my life: .
  10. I have the support of a group of peers: .

Food Preferences
  1. I like to eat .
  2. I do not like to eat .
  3. I do do not ___ eat a balanced diet. (Tick one.)

  1. I relax by .
  2. I like relaxing alone _ or with other people . (Check one.)
  3. After this activity, I always feel calm and peaceful. _.


Find pictures which match these words (and paste these into your notes).
  • confidence
  • individuality
  • happiness
  • self-understanding

Find pictures of activities which promote self-esteem (and paste these into your notes).


Design a 10 question quiz

Which can be answered by family or friends to see how well they know you.




Try using multiple choice questions. e.g.

I am terrified of _.Bees
Driving at Night


Make your questions reflect things that are important to you.
  • This would usually not include 'what is my favorite colour?', but might include things like...
  • What is the most important thing in your life at the moment?
  • What kind of thing you enjoy doing most and why?
  • What are you most afraid of?
  • Coping strategies, frustrations...
  • etc.

Feel free to add more questions if you think that an important aspect of who you are and how you feel is not covered in the personal inventory (above).


  • Give your questionnaire a nice background and a frame.
  • Insert pictures that reflect things that are important to you.


Self Concept

Everyone in the group should have the same piece of paper and if you are lucky enough to have A1 size paper then draw the lines to make it into 4 segments. Then get writing. Add in photographs of yourself and draw pictures to illustrate what you have written. Write as much as you can:


My name – also add in your age and where you are based and a photograph of yourself

My skills – put in your greatest achievements whether it be in work or in your home life

My ambitions – what exactly do you want to achieve in the next 3 years or so

What am I famous for? – this is to get you to understand how other people see you and if another person could describe you what would they put in here? Like, “he is the life and soul of the party”

This is a great exercise to undertake because everyone has achieved something in their life and it highlights that you can do great and reflect on how good life really is.


Self-concept is made up of several things. People with a high self-concept and self-esteem seem to do well in the world. They are people who believe they can be successful. They are able to perform well at work and they get along well with others in all relationships. We must all learn to emphasize our strengths and positive traits.


selfconcept6.jpg selfconcept5.jpg