Year 8 Religious Education


Lent Assessment (based on the 'Source of Life' documents)

Outcomes: Assessment tasks for this unit may include:
Outcome 1
Examine and identify themes in the Gospel Readings for the Sundays in Lent.

In groups of 3, students prepare a Liturgy of the Word during each week that reflects the themes of the Gospel readings for the following Sunday.

Using a computer program such as Inspiration or pen and paper, develop a concept map over the weeks of Lent that reflects the themes of the Gospel readings. (Individual Task)

Outcome 2
Reflect on how difficult life experiences can be transforming.

Students reflect on their life map and identify one experience that appeared to be a difficult experience. After considering how they grew because of that experience, students draw or write in their journals.
Examine a story/novel and identify the difficult experiences that a character experiences. Describe the ways the character changes as a result.
Outcome 3
Understand how Jesus offers hope and meaning in our lives.

A student reflection journal is a key aspect of this Unit Outline and students’ entries must be respected as confidential. However, at different times during Lent (perhaps midway and during Holy Week) students are invited to prepare an aspect of their journal to share with a partner or a small group of 4, if they wish. The emphasis is on growth – identifying an area of their life in which they have grown during this Lent.

Major Assessment Task & Rubric
In pairs, or individually choose appropriate Lenten readings which depict how Jesus offered hope.
Look at:
· Who was involved?
· What was happened?
· How did Jesus respond?
· What was the message?

To present the task, choose from one of the following:

Hot Seat technique- Student/s take the role of one/two of the characters from a reading and present the story/reading to the group and answer questions. Consider facts as well as feelings. OR

Writing – how might this look today ? e.g. play , narrative, newspaper article.


Can articulate that the message Jesus gives in his stories can impact on the way we lead and reflect on our lives today.
Has shown a depth of understanding of the relationship between main people and events.

Has shown a clear understanding of the link between Lenten stories and how we reflect on our own lives.
Has named some people and events significant to the Lenten story.

Has shown that these events can connect to transformations within our lives.
Has named with assistance some people and events in Lenten stories.

Can have an understanding that changes can affect lives.