LIFE STORIES: Living Out Religious Identity

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This term we will be looking at how specific individuals live out their religious identity, be it: Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, in every day life.

You will learn that identity is influenced by life experience. For many people, membership of a religious community is a significant aspect of their life experience. Their individual identity and search for meaning is shaped by the approaches of their religious community. The individual, in dialogue with his or her religious community, has a role in the growth and continuing transformation of this community. This area of study investigates the dynamic relationship that can exist between an individual and the religious community of which he or she is a member.


This task requires you to research the life of one of the following people in detail:

  • Moira Kelly- Leader of the Children First Foundation Go into the media section. Here you will find a number of articles on Moira and how she has affected the lives of many children.
Watch “A winger and a prayer” broadcast on "Australia Story" on the 24/09/07. This program provides Information on how Hazem El Masri lives out his Islamic religious identity in everyday life.

  • Aaron Baddeley- Golfer, who is inspired by his Christian beliefs.
  • Shaun Hart- ex Brisbane Lions player
  • Brett Kirk- Sydney Swans.