Focusing task:
  • Write the word ‘Relationships’ as a heading.
  • Think, Pair, Share:
    • Think- individually define the word.
    • Pair – in groups of two share definitions and create one definition you both agree on.
    • Share – form larger groups and repeat the activity.

  • Now there should be around 4-5 definitions of the word ‘relationship’
  • Each student is to write these on the board.
  • Create a mind map using Xmind including these relationships.
  • Identify 3 songs you like about relationships and explain why you like them. Add this to your mind map too.
  • Add pictures showing healthy relationships and decorate.

Ask students what each part of the word ‘relationship’ means. Ask students to tell you what a ship does. Usually it ‘carries you’. Then ask them what a relation is – their answer will be along the lines of a friend or cousin or someone that they like. Link the two words together and a definition of relationship is found. ‘A friend or another person who carries you’. Not all relationships are good all the time nor are they bad all the time.